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tbox teak from me 14900$L



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Unfortunately, you won't be able to get your L$ back.  Because you know the name of the box's owner, you can file an Abuse Report if you wish.  It probably won't make any difference, though, because

(1)  There's no way to prove that you didn't just give him the L$ and

(2)  He has probably already converted it to USD and cashed out.

That's a very old SL griefer trick, I'm afraid.  Usually, a griefer logs on as an alt, sets up the scripted scam to trap some unsuspecting newbie, steals the money, and then never uses the alt again.

In the future, remember that if something that you click asks for permission to debit your account, DON'T DO IT unless you are absolutely sure that you know what you are doing.

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- "hi, i am someone you don't know. can i take your money?"

- "yes"

(takes money)

- "omg someone stole my money!"

i am very sorry your money is lost - but come on, what did you think was gonna happen? it was all there for your to read - in the BIG YELLOW WARNING BOX.


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