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Best places for photos?

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I'm finally getting around to taking some photos in SL - my favorite outfits, profile photos, photos just to play around. Unfortunately, I'm not so good with the search feature, so I'm coming up blank on good places to take photos. I'm looking for a variety of locations - beaches, ballrooms, cities, modern, vintage, futuristic, pretty much anything goes. Preferably low-lag, preferably without too terribly many people at any given time, but neither of those are absolutely necessary. Anyone willing to suggest a couple of nice places to take pictures? Thanks in advance!

P.S. I haven't really wanted to invest in a "photo studio," since it seems like more fun to me to go and explore actual places in SL, and most photo studio backgrounds look obviously fake to me anyway. But if anyone knows some good poses/places to buy poses - nothing fancy - for taking photos, that would also be awesome.

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Place - Chakryn Forest


chakryn 2.jpg

You can rezz there, so can use a pose stand

For poses, try an Anypose HUD. You can then pose any which way you want to. Or go to marketplace and see what's on offer there, if you need a ready made.

Or just find a sandbox and play around with the lighting/environment settings (this one is Places Wiccan)

sandbox.jpgI'm not a "photographer", I just play around and take snapshots for my own fun, but I'm sure others will add to this thread and give you more pointers and destinations that are good to photo.

Have fun! That's the main thing.

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Hey Ariel,

Here is a total immersion region with a great many carefully designed viewpoints as well as detailed locations that are ideal for photographers. WindLight settings give magical views here.


The Romantic Times region is PG and designed as complete golf course reflective of world's classic golf courses such as Pebble Beach in CA, Augusta in GA and St Andrews in Scotland. The course is open to public and free to play with free clubs and HUD given at first tee box.

Green Acres Golf Course - WindLight.jpg

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Hi, I'm a landscape photography enthusiast in RL and I tend to do the same in SL too. I don't really like potrait photography unless it has some photojournalism elements in it. I especially do not like to take pictures of myself unless it is to document a certain event or I was being too nice to say no.

Here are some of the places that you might like:

1. Thinis - post apocalyptic RP sim. Pretty awesome ruined buildings.

2. Mainland - Yes, I said it.. Mainland! Any mainlands ... most people who are so used to romantic gardens, ballrooms and homestead living cannot see the beauty of the Mainlands. Most of them see mainland as 'fiasco' .. I see Picasso.


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Have you tried the "Talakin Boatyard" yet? It's an area that sells all these different Tegatti vehicles. Just past the boat yard, there's a beach that's great for taking photos. There's a campfire, towels to sunbathe on, a swing, lots of swimming water, and lots more. You can actually swim in this water. You'll see little points along the water that let you do it by sitting on them.

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