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Someone please help me!! I rezzed my Box full of HORSE BUNDLES and it told me ATTEMPT TO REZ OBJECT FAILED! My Horse Bundle Box disappeared from my inventory, but after 10 mins it was returned! Out of fear to lose it, I Logged off, cleared my cached and relogged, When my Inventory loaded up, my Horse Bundles are GONE!!! please someone help me, I raised a ticket to SL but they told me that SINCE IM A BASIC MEMBER, THEY WONT BE ABLE TO HELP ME!!! I spent a lot on this game, on the HORSES ALONE and that's how SL will treat me! BASIC or not they SHOULD HELP ME! So I went to AMARETTO for help, but they asked me the UID of the bundles!! are u kidding me! I dont even remember the pairing of my horses, more less to write down those UID!! I DIDN'T EXPECT TO LOSE THEM LIKE THAT! 


Please help me.. how can I retrieve it? Its been almost 2 weeks now :( please.. its no joke to lose something u have been investing on .. :( I HAVE ABOUT 17 BUNDLES on it! :(

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