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[ DJ Xilion ] , Live @ SL8B ( Second Life's Eigth Birthday ), June 23rd, 11am - 1pm !

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That's right! DJ Xilion will be spinning romantic music and classy jazz for all lovers (and lovers at heart) on June 23rd, from 11am to 1pm at the Cake Stage !

Some reasons to come over:

- Mostly all requests are played (depending on the amount of request, obviously)
- Option to call the DJ and get LIVE on the air! (express your love for second life, or that special someone!) :)
- DJ Xilion made a very special mix for this event alone!

So don't miss out! Save the following link for June 23rd, or send me a Notecard or IM in-world prior to June 23rd to receive a landmark!



Hope to see you then!
Happy shared birthday.


DJ Xilion


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I dig the somewhat-retro vibe of your poster and the infinity-records design. Also, how you can turn infinity on its side and it looks like an "8".

DJ Xilion, is that "special mix" the one I'm thinking of? ;) Courtney earlier shared something with me, wherein I heard not only a familiar voice, but was touched by the Residents wishing SL a happy bday. I was totally smiling massive.

Gotta represent, yo!

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