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Wanted: Good SL blogs to read

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Got bored with the ones I used to read. Need new ones. :)

Not sure if this question -can- be answered in here since these would be '3rd party' places. Though they're 'articles' and not forums they might still cross the line.

So IM me inworld or something with the name of some good ones.

Looking for some by people who actively explore / shop / party / socialize inworld and not just 'comment on the technology or policies of the lindens'.

- Ie: desire blogs that give me ideas on things to do in SL, rather than make me agree about a list of complaints. :)


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Ooh, thanks Ossian and Squashy. I woke up early this morning (in hotel, travelling) and when going online I saw a lot of ' hits' on my blog, which lead me to this post! (I don't have that many readers, so am easily pleased when I see hits!).

Am happy to read you like my blog enough to mention it :).

I got into this ambitious ' post a day 2011'  from wordpress, which is not always easy (missed 5 days so far, meh)!

Of course, I am always interested in new places/events and stuff to blog about and love to read other blogs as well!



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Several good blogs have already been mentioned.  Here are  more:

http://realtravels.blogspot.com/  As the name says, all about travel in SL by Sophia Inkpen

http://hybridangel.wordpress.com/  A mix of fashion and commentary (about fashion) with some miscellaneous stuff tossed in now and then.  Written by Grady Echegaray

http://slofdreams.blogspot.com/  Written by Chestnut Rau who writes about whatever she feels like writing about.


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