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2 Homesteads avail .... FULL TRANSFER / Full ownership / All rights

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I have 2 homesteads left (was 3 but one is gone) avail for FULL TRANSFER ... ie, you get LL to transfer to your name and you need to move them and rename (they will do that in the same ticket). I also think they will transfer both homesteads for one transfer fee - but sort that out with them, no promises from me.

You obviously need to own a Full sim in order to buy these (Linden rules).

Tiers are due soon, so buyer will have to pay me the tier too, but they will get the benefit of a paid up tier to start with. Avail for the bargain price of 100USD each + 95USD tier. These are class 5 sims and tiers on these is the cheaper $95/month ... I'm not sure if that stays after transfer, lucky you if it does - means extra profit. Buyer pays transfer fees to LL.

The tier is to be paid up front (in Linden is ok) as soon as we create the tickets. This is incase the buyer for some reason decides to pull out of sale before the transfer is done, else I would have paid the tier. So consider the tier as a non-refundable deposit.

Parcels MUST be moved upon transfer (relocated), will be flattened, and should be renamed.

Contact me inworld, or best is email : zab AT visiwa DOT com.

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