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Do my system info meet the minimum requirements as i cannot enter SL since this update to 2.7.1

Lydia Alberti


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Hello Lydia. Not sure why you have this problem. As i see in  System Requirements page, the 4000 series of ATI included in the recommended system requirements for SL.  However this page after the new update of Viewer 2 (2.7.1) looks that it is out of date.

The easy reply and maybe solution about your problem is to download again a previous edition of Viewer 2 and set your software updates NO to be installed automatically. (Preferences --> Setup --> Hardware). You can find the previous edition 2.6.9 at the following link: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Supported_Viewers

If you want older more versions you can find them here down at the page.

If the problem remains and you are a premium member you can use the Live Chat or to submit a ticket https://support.secondlife.com/create-case/ . If you are a basic member it is not suggested to submit a ticket although you can try it.

Start this way downloading a previous edition of Viewer 2 and keep in touch here leting us know if you fixed the problem of you need more help.

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