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viewer 2.7 will not install, but yet SL keeps trying to automatically install it?

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With e the release of the new viewer 2.7, everytimeI log in to SL on my older verison, Sl wants to install this new version, which would be great...accept it will not install on my computer. Every time I try, I get the same warning that there is an "error" with the following files and they can not be installed"






these are just few of multiple files that have an error. Is there a fix for this so thatI can install the2.7, or is thera way t o use my older version without LL triyng to force an install of 2.7 on me?

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I had this issue, I finally got it fixed after going in and COMPLETELY  removing everything SL from the pc, this includes under >c,users,app data local and roaming reboot and install, should work, but a warning lol there are some MAJOR issues with it....I wish I never updated

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