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Age Verfication Issues

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So its summer, time off from school and I have some more time to play second life however I am unable verify my age. I have tried the automatic way (multiple times with multiple pieces of ID). Not only this but the survery I'm lead to does not work and I have neither a credit card nor cheques so a payment method seems unlikely and the finally method has a link that leads else where and instrustion that don't have anything to do with where it leads me. Can someone please explain the last method so I can get this done. I have a scanner but do not know how I need to send what to or why the orginal verfication won't work when I havn't moved in years or ever had a name change.

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Hello Kamia. I guess you are at least 18 years old, right? I ask this because you said "time off from school". Indeed that if you are under 18, you can't get Age Verification.

If your efforts for Age Verification failed, means that LL's age verification systems provider can't cross-checked against pre-existing databases of public record to verify that you are of legal age.

If you are a Premium Member you can use the Live Chat right now. If you aren't a Premium member you can't verify your age manually (submitting a ticket and attaching an electronic - scanned copy of a Government issued identification that has your name and date of birth clearly displayed) insomuch according LL, you can use it "if you are a "premium or Concierge customer and you experience difficulty verifying your identity on the Second Life website".

On the other side, you can have access in adult regions if you become "Account Verified", having "Payment Info on File" (Credit Card or verified Paypal account with Marketplace or Second Life). This way you will have access in most of adult regions (you haven't access if he estate owner restricts access to residens who are verified with Age Verification).

If that is impossible you can try to contact LL. If you live in US you can call: Phone:   (415) 243-9000 -no toll free or Fax: (415) 243-9045 There are also toll-free numbers but they are only for billing issues. If you wish you can find them  Here.

The last you can do although it is not suggested and i can't guarantee that you will get a reply is to send a mail to support@secondlife.com 

We have another one last occasion. If you joined SL being under 18 and you turned 18 recently, the system can't recognized you as an adult. In the occasion only you must to submit a ticket. https://support.secondlife.com/create-case/ (Account issue category).

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