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Here We Go Again... The Dreaded Cache


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Okay, I guess I'm going to have to do this dreaded clear cache thing.

I'm seen the standard copy and paste on how to do this, but did not bookmark it.

I guess I need that standard copy and paste, but what do you mean by username?  I have to put my username Mayalily in my cache? 

Also, does SL run better if you click on use the built-in browser?  However, I'd like to know what the built-in browser is and how it works.

Sorry to do this again, but SL not running at all for me now.  Very sad.  I guess I have to do this dreadful thing, but I'm not sure I'm going to be successful at it.  However, let's give it a try.

Need the copy and paste first and explanation of what username means exactly because I'm thinking people have multiple accounts, so how would that work? 

ETA:  What username?  I don't understand that. 

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By user name they mean the name of the account you use to login to the machine, not sl. It will be real obvious when you look because yours will most likely be the only one.

The builtin browser is libqtwebkit. It's the same rendering engine that Safari and Chrome use. How it works is complicated magic.

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Hi Mayalily, I must say that manually clearing your cache is a sort of last resort as it deletes your chat logs and sets most of your settings back to default. I don't log chats so if you want to preserve those, it would be wise to save that folder before you proceed. Resetting your settings isn't that difficult and most likely is something you do occasionally to often anyways. I do at least. Now first you can just system clear cache, that is, go to me, preferences, setup and hit the reset button. Log out, restart your system, and log back in. If you still need to manually clear your cache, here is the copy and paste version for Viewer two on a Windows 7 computer. The username is your username in your computer. For example, if your real life name is Mary Poppins, you may have named your computer or your user account on that computer something like Poppins or Mary or even Home Computer, depending on your naming scheme.

To clear cache first enable view hidden folders by going to your control panel, folder options, view, show hidden files and folders.

Then go to C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\SecondLife and delete the contents of that folder.

Then go to C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\SecondLife and delete the contents of that folder.

Go back to control panel, folder options, view, don't show hidden files and folders.

Restart your computer.

Log in to SL under advanced mode.

Open your inventory recent tab and wait for it to stop fetching.

The built in browser basically means that if you need to open up a window inworld, for example, if someone gives you the link to a funny article or a photo online, when you click on that link, the internet page will open up inside your Second Life viewer window as opposed to your computers browser opening it up outside of second life.

So, I am not saying you have to manually clear your cache, I am just telling you how to do it. I don't know what your specific problem may be.

Hope I helped.

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Hello Mayalily. :) I think i had reported something about a username in your previous thread? hmmm obviously...

Well... i had said that if you clear your cache manually you will lose all your private conversations which are saved in your computer. To avoid it copy the folder with your username in the folder Secondlife in another position in your hard disk. Where is exactly this folder?

C: \ Users \ (USER NAME) \ AppData \ Roaming \ SecondLife \ Mayalily

You must delete also the following folders:

C: \ Users \ (USER NAME) \ ApplData \ Local \ Secondlife

C: \ Users \ (USER NAME) \ ApplData \ Local \ PhoenixViewer

Is that what your ask for Maya?

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Just go to your preferences for your viewer and click on the "Setup" tab if you are using Viewer 2 (to be honest, I've forgotten what the tab in named in viewers fashioned on the 1.23 code.  But it's where you would go to "clear cache" using the viewer command).  Copy that location.  Then navigate to that location on your computer and delete the contents in the final folder (it's named SecondLife).

For instance:  C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\SecondLife.

"username" is the name of your account on your computer......that's you.  Say your real life name is Peggy and when you setup your computer operating system it asks for a name and you put your real life first name there.  Your account on that computer is now named Peggy......that's your username so that path to the folder to delete is now: 


The example I used is the typical path to the cache files location on a Windows 7 installation.  That path could be slightly different so the best way to find where your cache is located to to look in preferences.

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We don't have any log-in name for our computer?  I just turn on the computer, click the Firefox icon and I'm on the internet. Same with the Google Chrome I just downloaded.

Where would this mysterious username be found?  Because we don't have one.  Not to my rl bf's knowledge nor my knowledge.

We had an original email account for our cable but I don't remember that because I don't use email except very rarely because I hate dealing with the spam.  So I don't even use emails, so it can't be that cable email name, can it? 

I truly have no idea about a username? 

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You have to have a user name, Windows will not let you use the machine without one. You probably have automatic logins enabled and that's why you don't remember it. But you don't need to know it. Just look in C:/Users, anything that looks like a name (and is not administrator) is yours.

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Yes, this is the one I have been reading. 

Ah, I do add my user name Mayalily once I found out exactly how to do that.

Should I care if I use my chat logs?  I don't plan on ever reading them again.  I guess I could lose my chat logs if doing this works and is sucessful. 

It seems complicated tho and I'm leary of doing this because I'm afraid of making things worse. 

I think I need to take some deep breaths, and then I'll get back to you in the morning. 

Thanks for all the help so far, and the info on the built-in browser; built-in browser sounds better perhaps?  I tweek here n there and sometimes I make things worse.

My problems started with the new Firefox download (I think an add-on got in there) and when particles rezzed in my SL home.  However, I am almost at a standstill now, but can log in for a little while to tweek my preferences.  Though I had no success with tweeking preferences today.  I lowered my bandwidth, and got a message that SL was setting me to default settings; however, I was not reset to default settings when I looked in preferences, and I kept crashing, freezing, couldn't move on some sims, though I think that sim has scripts running that are crashing me, but I love that place and the people.  But they rezzed a scripty floor and my computer goes bezerk. 

ETA:  I was able to move better today, but not at the place I usually go to hang out that recently rezzed a very scripty floor.

I need a time out to read all this stuff. 

If I take baby steps, I might figure this all out. 

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You are making it more difficult that it need be.  Just go to your preferences and the setup tab.  Your cache location is given in the box near the middle of the dalog that displays.  If you can't read the entire path (like I can't on my computer) then just right click in the box, choose "select all", then right click again and "copy".  Then shut down your viewer and open a text editor (such as Notepad) and paste........you can then read the entire path.


Nothing complicated, nothing scary.  I will caution about following that path:  C:\Users\[username]AppData\Roaming\SeconLife.  Your settings and logs are in that folder and if you delete them you'll have to go through all those settings in your preferences again to get SL back to the way it was before you deleted those files.  There is one cache in that folder.  It's the internal browser cache.  You can safely delete that cache with no fear but you need to go one folder deeper in the path to delete that cache.  The folder the browser cache is located in is "Browser Profile".......you can safely delete everything in that folder.  But your problem is not your browser cache so that's not necessary to delete.

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Okay, I did just clear my cache under preferences and rebooted my computer.  And no, I didn't see any cache/username thing, but I am going back in to check again.

I'm writing this quick note to let you know I was able to log on, but textures are all screwed up, but at least I'm logging in and can change preferences.  (Though soon my sim where my home is may do it's regular checking sim thing that is does).

If I need to go to this Smith, Lime or Aqua thing, do I just type in one of those names? Just like this Aqua for example. 

I'm on Viewer 2 and I think we need a separate forum for viewer 2.  It might help. 

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To go to Smith, you would go to your login screen, where it says mode, choose advanced, where it says start at, you type Smith. Then you press the green login button. Have you checked to make sure your computer meets the minimum requirements to run Second Life? If you have a computer that does not meet the minimum requirements, no amount of advice is going to fix any of your issues.

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lol no probably not.  I haven't even read this whole thread yet, not to mention I'm reading these other threads on this Viewer 2 new download.  There's a lot of threads here about it!


Anyhow, I am able to log into SL.  My home and that club with scripted floor are the things that are screwy (all other sims are pretty much okay and some are very good).  I tried to send that club a message yesterday about their floor, but their isn't much I can do about it 'cuz it keeps crashing/freezing me because of their new floor.  So... if they don't want to change it, I need a new hangout and probably a move from my home.  I do think I need to find a new home because of those particles that got in there, or else just be homeless for awhile. 

Here's my graphics card:  Nvidia Geforce 6150 LE, and my memory is 1024 MB if that helps.

Thanks so much for your help thus far!  We're getting somewhere!   I also clicked use built-in browser to see if that helps anything.

God bless and thanks so much!


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Okay, update on this:

On my first log in after clicking use built-in browser things were a bizzilion times better!  However, I could see grass textures that were bleeding into my SL house.  So I cleared everything out of my SL home, and sent IM to landlord.  I couldn't see those grass textures before and that house needs to be fixed or I need to be moved while landlord fixes the house 'cuz that was my start up location and it wasn't very good.   Kind of sucky actually.

Next, the only preference I couldn't change was the graphics slider bar.  I had bumped it up one to mid I think it's called, but that bar is frozen now at LOW and won't budge.   And, that's fine with me as long as it works, but I do have a long time rezzing sims.

I don't know if my next step is to download something for my graphics card?  Also, another thing that is not rezzing now are those things with those invisprims.  Why, I don't know?  I had some of those invisprim items in my SL home and they wouldn't work at all now nor on other sims would invisprims rezz correctly. SL doesn't like invisiprims now for some reason for me. 

I need a nap.  God bless again! 



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Hi Mayalily.

I'm not sure the browser you use - whether it is the built-in or an external one - would affect your rez times. If anything, I would imagine using an external one would be the best option.

I don't know if it has been suggested, but have you checked if the drivers for the graphics card are the latest ones? (I don't know anything about this, but it could be worth looking in to. Someone else who knows more about it would have to say whether this is an issue or not.)

- Luc -

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That nVidia 6150 LE card is barely capable of running SL.  That's most of the problems and why invisiprims are giving problems.  Also why moving the graphics slider to mid-range causes even more problems.  Low to the next to the lowest setting is about the best you will be able to get with that card.


A driver update might help a little but it won't fix the designed capabilities of the card.  It's an old card series and at the bottom of the performance for cards in that series........it just wasn't built with programs like Second Life in mind.  This is the latest driver from nVidia's driver download site:




I assumed a Windows XP 32 bit system when I searched for the driver.


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Okay.  What graphics card would u recommend if I go to purchase a new graphic's card?  Also, it's weird because it liked invisiprims before but not now. 

Thanks so much for everybody's help!  That built-in browser is awesome!

I just woke up from my nap.  I had such a headache, but thankfully my headache is better. 

ETA:  Do I need to create a username or some usernames?  Is that necessary? 

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It would be extremely difficult (if not impossible) for anyone to recommend a video card without knowing what your computer specifications are..........specifically, your motherboard's specs.  We might be able to determine what the motherboard's specs are with a computer make and model (though the motherboards can, and often, vary within a computer model release).  There are programs such as Belarc Advisor (http://www.belarc.com/free_download.html) and PC Wizard 2010 (http://www.cpuid.com/softwares/pc-wizard.html) that will give you all the information about your computer, including the motherboard model number.

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