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No sales AND temporary textures will not rez... How are these 2 phenomena related?

Josh Susanto

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The ability to rez temp objects depends in part on how busy the server is. If it is too busy, you get lag and temp objects do not behave properly. If an avatar is in the vicinity and experiences this kind of lag, their brain processes slow down as well in order to compensate, giving them the impression that all animations and activity are happening at normal speed. This is an automatic self-preservation reaction that emits from the hind-brain, something you as the sim owner cannot control. Most of us have seen the same time-slowing effect when exposed to extreme stress or fear situations.

If the person tries to shop at the marketplace after this brain-lag process has occured, residual time effects may still be active and will be applied to all marketplace functions. The person reacts with the marketplace slowly, their responses are slow, and the cumulative effect is that they can no longer click rapidly on several items; in fact, in extreme cases they are no longer capable of impulse purchases at all. In the most severe cases, the lagged brain actually prevents them from noticing that some items are even for sale.

To correct the problem, make sure that your sim (and all sims any avatar may visit) are running smoothly. For best results, leave the sim entirely empty, which will ensure a very fast and immediate user experience.

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When I have the rez problem, some of my friends always report having the same rez problem in different regions, using different viewers.

By "no sale", I actually mean "no orders", which is pretty weird in my case; I have a lot of cheap stuff up for sale.

My hypothesis at this point is that when there's a rez problem, people know that nothing's going to be done about it, so they just quietly log off and also don't bother using the Marketplace.

This hypothesis is supported by the fact that SLM does not show time stamps as XStreet did, which would enable to me to demonstrate statistically that there is a drop in orders during/after a period when temps are not rezzing.

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All sales are time stamped though it will be in your transaction record, not in the MP UI.  You should get an email of the same.  Look into your transaction record in your SL UI as well. 

Dear Chelsea Malibu,
Order ID: 14944017

Line Item 1: Malibu "Amethyst" Chandelier
Listing URL: http://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Malibu-Amethyst-Chandelier/204515
SKU: amethyst
Delivered Quantity: 1 of 1
Purchased on: June 16, 2011 12:47 pm PDT
Buyer's Price (for delivered items): L$375
Distributions Total (for delivered items): L$0
Marketplace Commission (for delivered items): L$19
Your Earnings (for delivered items): L$356

Your Total Earnings (for delivered items): L$356

However,  each summer everyone in digital sales (websites, download sites, memberships sites) all see a slump and have for the 12 years I have been in the online business.  This summer seemed to start a bit earlier than most which may in part be due to the global economy.

However, I have seen sales trickling in though more so in my stores than on the marketplace.

My advice would be to give it some time before you become concerned then look at everything to see why your sales are non-existent as it could be many things.  If you have an in world store,  you can gage your sales against that. If your stores are slow, you can be assured the marketplace store will be too.

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I really wasn't that worried about it, but it's annoying to think there might be some common variable between the 2 problems which has gone unaddressed.

Both problems cleared up within just a few hours, as usual, and apparently at the same time.

There's nothing seasonal about either of these things.

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