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Avatar texture stayed fuzzy when adding new multiple layers.

Greene Paine


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Angel's suggestion is probably the one you want to try.  There are apparently some bugs in the 2.7.1 viewer, so just download and re-install the previous version.  You should know, however, that it is normal for textures to go through a few blurry steps before thay are fully loaded.  LL sends texture files to be rendered by your graphic card in four successive stages rather than asking it to render the hi-rez image all at once. That approach saves a lot of bandwidth and memory. The first couple of stages are sharp enough to let you see what's going on, and are enough for textures that you will only see fleetingly. It can take several hours before your card receives and renders the highest-quality version of a texture, however. Each time there's a transition between stages, you'll see the texture get a little blurry for a second or two. If it takes much longer, it's either because you have a connection problem or (possibly in this case) because the viewer has a bug.

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