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Nvidia card not recognised by SL


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Hi, I recently joined SL and I am enjoying it a lot.

However, when i installed it, it said it didn't recognise my 'Zotac Nvidia GTS 450' 1GB card.

My PC is card dependant (no inbuilt gfx on the motherboard) and SL is running fine on it to a degree.

My drivers are fully up to date and I have Dx11.


The problem is the settings, texture memory setting to be exact, it's only showing 512mb as the max level not 1GB.

Is that the max SL allows? or should it be matched to my card?


My other specs are as follows:-

Amd athlon ii x4 640 (3.oGhz)

4GB ram (will upgrade to 8GB soon)

1 Terra HD


Can anyone advise me on how to get the texture/settings to recognise the cards capability?


Also some best overall settings related to gfx and web would be appreciated.

 Many thanks in advance, Renny xo


ps I also play WoW and have absolutely no probs with the graphics all set at maximum on there.


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I just checked the gpu_table text file for Viewer 2 and the Nvidia GTS 450 is not mentioned although strangely the 450M (Mobility) is. This is why you are seeing that your card is not recognised. I'd say this is an oversight on Linden lab's part and hopefully will be redressed soon.

The GTS 450 is mentioned in Kirsten's Viewer gpu_table.txt file and shows it should default to High graphics mode.

NVIDIA GTS 450     .*NVIDIA.*GeForce GTS 45.*   3  1 

You can manually increase the graphics slider in Preferences to High and even try Ultra if in low lag sims and see how SL runs for you.


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You're right leliel, I missed it.

Could this 'not recognised' message appear because there is a question mark against it in the gpu_table? I see this question mark against quite a number of the Nvidia cards.

NVIDIA GTS 450     .*NVIDIA.*(GeForce)? *GTS *45.*    3

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