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Looking for any kind of project, from sim-development. (I'd love to be part of an RP-sim creation one day.) The set-up of a new business, or any kind of inventive way to store my creativity. Anything is welcome, from fun to payed work.

NOTE: If you think your project will only last for a few days, or you/your team is inactive please dont bother. I'm looking for a project that consumes loads of my time!

I wish to be a volunteer in such project, and will not charge money.

Somethings about me:

Name: Finrod Ghennyn, call me Fin or Finny.

About me:

Experienced SecondLife resident.

Like to try out new things.

If i even charge money, usually is only the cost of uploads.



Writing articles/giving shape to magazines etc.



Leading a group of people.



I need a goal that i can work towards.



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Hello Fin!

Welcome back to SL...would be nice to be friends there.:-)

I saw you are looking for work.You also make small jobs???

Well I would love to have a small popcorn-eating-animation-pillow to put on to my swim rings in my pool.

I saw them at the rave store but I cannot find them at MP.:-(

Maybe some day you have a little time to make it?Then let me know please.

Many greetings and a nice day.

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