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Problem with Deed to Group

Mariko Niki

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For Linden Land, you have to assign your allocated land rights to the group you are deeding to.  The land allocations are fixed by the amount you pay for your membership each month.


Designate who pays for this land in your group setting and make sure you can allocate all of your land rights to the group.  You can do this within the group information on the last tab under Land.

A couple of things to also consider are:

Make sure you can deed land to the group and that those group rights are enabled for this.

Make sure you have the land in your name


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When you deed single-avatar-owned land to group, the land credits automatically transfer to your group upon the execution of the deeding action.  So, it is not necessary to pre-allocate the land credits in your group.  The only case that I know of that you can't deed to a group, is when you are attempting to deed the land under a Linden Home to a group, in which case you'll encounter the situation just as you describe.

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