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I don't understand how to use AO's and animation notecards. Can someone help me?

Robin Redangel

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Hi everybody.  Whenever I buy an AO, i find some of the animations included in the package are not available to me from the AO interface.  I just get a message from SL to that effect.  Also, i get the ide you can load your individual animations into one AO instead of having several AO products in your inventory.  Is that true? If so, how do i do it?



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You can buy a preloaded AO that contains poses for all situations pretty much or you can buy individual poses and load into one of your existing AO's.  The only time you might need to change is if you have a special one for combat or modeling etc.  A completely loaded AO will cover most normal day to day needs without needing to swap out.

If you want to make your own with personalized animations.  Go buy the individual poses you like I like to blend static with animated poses so I dont seem too twitchy)  then...

Your AO should have come with some instructions but with most of them you do the following to add or change animations:

- Detach and rez ao on the ground

- Click edit on the AO and open the contents

- Drag your new poses into the AO then look for the notecard that has the animations listed

- You will need to edit this card deleting the stands/sits/ flys etc you do not like and adding the names of your new poses in their place

- Save the card, reset your Ao, pick it up, wear it and you should be good to go

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The others have given the procedure for adding animations to your AO.

I just wanted to add that in your ao, along with the notecard(s) and animations, are also scripts that make the AO function. Be aware so you don't delete these. If you do, you will probably have to start over filling a new ao with animations.

- Luc -

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If you are buying individual animations to put into an AO, you will need to think about animation permissions, meaning mod, copy, trans. If the AO is strictly for yourself, mod/copy is probably what you want. This will allow you to modify the name of the animation, and for you to put the animation into multiple AOs. It is really up to you how you would like to do all this, but I have created AOs with over 300 animations in them and 6 or more notecards. I think that learning to customize your AO is extremely important to enjoy your time in SL fully and make your avatar feel like a part of you.

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