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If i wanted to make a new avatar and transfer all my stuff to it how would i do that ??

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I assume that what you mean is making a new account -- that is, an alt.  That's just as easy as making your first account. As far as LL is concerned, the two accounts are not connected to each other any more than your account and mine are.  That is, you and your alt are completely separate people. 

You can give your alt any assets that you have transfer permission for.  If you have copy permission on those assets, you can give your alt a copy and keep one for yourself. You can also pay your alt L$ the same way you could pay me or anyone else.  You cannot give your alt things that are no transfer and you cannot give your alt group roles that your main avatar may have been granted.  Also, your alt does not share your Friends list - she can get her own friends. In summary, think of your alt as your closest friend -- a really nice person, but she's not you.

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