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SL2 Viewer - Please Stop Developing!

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There was a point in my Second Life when I loved this viewer, learning the new menus wasn't that hard and graphics seem to be slightly better, having said that the recent release is just *bleeping" me off to an extend where I realize they are going nowhere!

I quote from the SL release:

And, it’s easy to enable. In the SL Viewer’s Advanced mode, choose Me > Preferences, go to the Graphics tab, click the Advanced button, and just check Lighting and Shadows. (If your graphics card can’t support this option, then it won’t be available.) Then, you will experience the magic of Second Life like never before.  For more information, see Lighting and Shadows.

Of course it is only easy when you got one of the 4 graphic cards they support! If you have an AMD Card like I do it won't even give me the option to turn it on even when it would diplay it in Ultra Mode and 60 FPS! So back to my laptop with Nvidia Graphics and there is the same as always, it won't display the shaddows correctly! That is 2 times top notch hardware where it doesn't work while it works in Imprudence but kills the Alpha Layer and no snapshots possible and it works like a charm in Singularity, a piece of software created by one person!!! SO why can 100 knuckleheads not achieve what 1 person can?

What really bothers me in this viewer is that ANY alternative viewer now has the copy and paste functions in the building window! If you ever had to make 50 prims with random sizes to the same size you know how frigging great that tool is!

Why do I need to Shazam music on my iphone when other viewers can display the title?
Why do I still receive frigging pointless group messages even when I turned it off?
Why is there no auto response?
Why no temporary uploads, or even HD based previews?

This above and other things i can't recall at the moment is why the SL Viewer has to die!
In my opinion there has been no accomplishment since January! Announcing a new search is not an accomplishment, it makes people get back to work on their SEO again after we finally figured it out!

My suggestion... fire the coders and invest the money into advertising so this platform starts growing eventually!
The recent viewer is good/bad enough to get the newbies through until someone tells them how fine Singularity or Phoenix works.

I was willing to give SL2 Viewer it's 5th chance today, all other viewers let me know that my graphic card is uknown to them but they won't cut me on the possibility to switch on features because of that! I run shaddows with Antialiasing 16x on the other viewers just fine, but SL would not even let me try!

Well Done!
(that was sarcasm just in case one of you Sheldon Coppers is reading) <--- that was sarcasm too!

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This most recent version wont stop crashing for me, ina sim where I never used to crash ever. :\ V2 hasn't been stable since 2.4 something and they just keep making it worse.

LL also messed up a  bunch of my textures with their recent inventory server maintenence too. Every texture that I uploaded that was on an object that was rezzed while they shut the invensotyr server down is now pixelated and ultra low rez in my inventory, and it wasn't that way before the server maintenence. :\

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Charolotte Caxton wrote:

I have been using V2 for a little over a year now and every update, including this one, makes everything better. Maybe its your system, not the viewer? 

It can hardly be my system when it runs in ANY other viewer! It is the ridiculous settings of LL that won't allow me to turn on shaddows simply because it doesn't recognize a graphics card which sold 6 million times world wide!

If you read the entire post then you know i tried it on 2 systems, both state of the art, above that actually!

I am fine when people like the Viewer 2, super fine to be honest, however i am not fine when improvements are entirely ignored! Like I said there was a time when I loved the viewer but even when the other viewers are based on older source code they are still more developed and that is something LL has not considered yet!

Given the fact that nearly 50% using phoenix and 20% the other viewers and only 30% (mostly new residents) use Viewer 2 you have to realize that the original viewer has become the alternative viewer! With all their presence and power, a small group of people have taken over only by word to mouth! I guess that explains that the majority doesn't agree with Linden Labs "development"

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SL2 Viewer has given me nothing but headaches with each update, so I found a beta one that it's based on it and developed by the same ppl that made Phoenix. Sounds good enough for me to give it a try, it's called Firestorm.

After all the crashes with SL2 Viewer I'll take almost anything lol

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Shadows seems to be broken for ATI/AMD cards in the latest viewer Second Life 2.7.1 (232828), at least for me and someone else who posted yesterday on Answers (both of us have 5800 series cards) but worked fine in previous versions as long as the driver was up to date.

I am going to update my driver again to see if that will activate Shadows in this latest viewer. If not, a Jira will be opened.

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Acheron Gloom wrote:

Without the LL viewer we wouldn't have third party viewers...


If only I could rate posts 'dumb'...

You're right :-) if we only could :-)

I said stop developing and not, travel back in time and stop inventing it!

LL is about 2 years behind of other viewers based on the speed of "accomplishments"

You might not care for any of these features and for many residents the basic mode is just good enough!

Having said that, Second Life is based on user created content and since ANY other viewer is making the creation of content as user friendly as possible, LL is completely ignoring ANY of these features!

The big difference is that the alternative viewers are created by residents that use the software on a daily basis with all it's features while the Lindens sit on a round table, occasionally someone gets send on the grid to link 2 boxes to test "functionality" none of them has ever had to do what decent builder or clothes designer has to do everyday...

for that matter... stop developing!

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i have heard all sorts of things from AMD users...
before this version it was displaying shaddows on 20.000 meters height, it would not show shaddows from a prim, only my avatar. I heard from a friend who kinda managed to get the new Version toaccept his card that she has the same problem, shaddows would only show on Linden ground, not on prims and no shaddows coming off the prims (floor not full bright of course) Drivers are up to date for both of us! Working fine with the other viewers and works best with Singularity!

I also heard from others that the alpha layers are disabled when they turn on shaddows and others say it works just fine!

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@Steph Catseye: Given the fact that nearly 50% using phoenix and 20% the other viewers and only 30% (mostly new residents) use Viewer 2

I'd love to see the source for your quoted viewer usage. Could you please quote this as I believe you are overestimating Phoenix users by a large percentage. The ill-fated RedZone web site actually showed more V2 users than Phoenix, probably the only useful piece of information shown there.

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OMG! will someone please make a viewer that is a combination of all of them lmao. V2 had some great options... but now o.O... Phoenix seems to be the best as far as options go and working basically well on a regular basis.. although i do notice i have to reinstall it on occassion as it wont load inventory fully  and at times i cant log in.. but a simple uninstall reinstall helps

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At this point, I consider the 2.7.4 Estate Side Windlight project client to be the most stable, useful, and fastest client for my needs.  I even tought a class in it last night which means managing prims, people, notecards, and a "reader" HUD all at once.  For that purpose, V2 remains my favorite UI. (^_^)

It falls short come picture taking time, though... For that I use Kirsten's S21(8).  While it doesn't deliver the FPS and general stability I observe in 2.7.4, it can take giant and beautiful screenshots, one after another. (^_^)

I liked Emerald while it was at as the most tolerable adaptation of the old SL UI.  Given recent changes, drama, and eventually the team turning against themselves and eventually just restart all over again.  Personally, they lost their star programmers in the drama so, Phoenix and Firestorm are a shy attempt to replicate what's been done before.  Now that I hear that Firestorm fore-ported the pie menu, I've lost all interest. (^_^)y

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