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help with tp im please

conrad Evanier

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This is driving me nuts lol why wont this send a proper tp in an im sent by script, it gives tp option but only the first part of region name is selected so for magnetik island only magnetik is selected for tp which wont work of course i must be missing something here?

 llInstantMessage(llGetOwner(), "TP TO:  secondlife:///app/teleport/"+(llGetRegionName() + "/"
         +"/" +(string)initPos.x 
         + "/" + (string)initPos.y + "/"
        +  (string)initPos.z + "/")  ); 


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llInstantMessage(llGetOwner(), "TP TO: secondlife:///app/teleport/"+(llEscapeURL(llGetRegionName()) + "/"         +"/" +(string)initPos.x          + "/" + (string)initPos.y + "/"        +  (string)initPos.z + "/")  ); 

 I can't in to test it, but I think that's how I solved an almost identical issue that was driving me nuts recently.

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