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Looking for a job

Addy Auster

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Hello, I am Addy Auster.

I am a looking for an inworld job, I have many experience with different types of skills here in Secondlife. Please continue reading to find out my skills and which kind of job I am looking for!


My Skills:

- Building

- Modeling

- Hosting

- Manager

- Customer Service

- Staff Leader

- Styling

- Personal Shopping Assistant

- Personal Business Assistant


I am looking to be either a store Manager or a Personal shopping assistant or personal business assistant, I am good at speaking, Good person to get along with, I am good with team work, I am reliable and honest and I am a hardworker, I am looking for someone who will respect me as I will respect them, I will do my job best as I can and present myself in a appropriate and professional way! Interested in any jobs? Please IM me in world, If im offline leave a notecard, Inworld name: Addy Auster. Thank You! :)

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