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SL router ports?

KristalTear Whitfield


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If you are referring to a router with a firewall, then you may need to open quite a few.



In addition to the standard ports for DNS lookup and web access, the Second Life Viewer requires the ports listed in the following table.

Port Protocol Used For
53 UDP and TCP DNS lookup
80 TCP Second Life web resources
443 TCP Second Life web resources/client authentication
3478 UDP Voice/STUN traffic
3479 UDP Voice/STUN traffic
5060 UDP Voice/SIP traffic
5062 UDP Voice/SIP traffic
12000-29999 UDP Voice/RTP traffic/Core protocol communication ** (see note below)
12043 UDP and TCP Capabilities/map services/simulator communication
12046 TCP Texture downloading
21002 TCP Voice signaling


  • RTP: Real-time Transport Protocol
  • SIP: Session Initiation Protocol
  • ** Voice used to only require ports 12000-17000 UDP while Second Life needed 13000-13050 UDP. This combined range satisfies both requirements for UDP traffic.

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as Alexios Donardson said its not needed to be able to play, but it can significantly reduce lag or even stop most crashes especially on strained servers, afcourse if something goes wrong on the other side of the traffic, aint much u can do then lower your script count and maybe stand stil not using nearby chat (lol) if your having connection iseus, this is a good way to start reducing the problems u might have.

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