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Open stage 1920s style (entertain for tips)

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The BERLIN TALENT AGENCY is pleased to announce an OPEN STAGE event at the Odeon Theatre in 1920s Berlin


Can you sing, dance, recite poetry, do magic tricks, tell a joke or two? Have you a talent you'd like to share, with the possibility of picking up a few L$ in tips? If so, let us know and we'll give you the chance to strut your stuff on the Odeon stage! If not, come along anyway and laugh, cry, scream or tear your hair out as your fellow Berliners make heroes or fools of themselves. And don't forget to show your appreciation!

OPEN STAGE will take place at noon SLT on Saturday, 18th June. Don't miss it!

The sim is a historically themed roleplaying location so please make sure you understand the rules before jumping on the train.

Please also remember that the Odeon is a public theatre for all ages, if your act is more suitable for adults, contact us and we'll see if we can get you a place on one of the stages in the clubs.

Of course your act also has to fit the 1920s theme.

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