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Clothing Problems


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Ok your items could have been delivered in folders or in a box.  If in folders then you should find them tucked in with your other inventory folders.  If delivered in a box you should find in your objects folder.

Items in a folder: All you need to do is right click on the clothing pieces and choose wear

Items in boxes need to be opened:  drag the box from your inventory to the ground a little ways from your inventory. Once on ground, right click on the box and choose copy to inventory...then the items will usually appear in as a folder in your inventory.

As you move through SL you will gather many items.  It is a good habit to start out with an organization system so that you can find things in future when you have accumulate a zillion items.  I keep sub folders in my clothing folder like a folder for evening clothing, day dresses, Slacks, Jeans. Shorts etc then a Shoes folder with sub folders like Heels, Flats, Boots.  As I buy things I tuck them into the right spot so that later I can find them without wading through my entire inventory.

Welcome to SL!


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You use the official viewer? Then, you must make sure you are in "Advanced" mode first. Look at the bottom of your screen, after "Log in". If it says" Basic" you must change that to "Advanced" and relog. Because, if you are in basic, you can not change your avatar, only switch between starter avatars.


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