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Media Under Preferences


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Okay, checking media under preferences (viewer 2).

When I looked in the media section I saw a few preferences to chose from; one was Realtek (can't remember exact spelling) and the other choices I've never heard of?  I think we have Realtek download, but I'm not sure it is updated? 

What media would be best to download and then set to in the preferences? ('Cuz the other names I didn't recognize at all). 

Thanks for any replies. 


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Well we need the drivers to run the media. 

Okay our driver is Realtek I just checked in my programs.... sooooooo, I'm wondering if I set that in SL preferences (to Realtek) my media will work better because I get this message every once in awhile, which reads like this:

media_plugin_webkit failed.  What does that mean?

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