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serious lag issues since yesterday


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Hi everyone


OK, im aware they are doing maintenance on the inventory etc!!

Issue started yesterday afternoon, cleared cache on IE and via the preferences - reinstalled SL several times and still no joy.

Some people have lag and some dont - but at this rate my old Spectrum ZX ran faster than SL today!!

Any ideas???

Yes im a newbie - but we all were once, so please dont rip me a new one!!


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Hello Cinsaulta! Yes there is lag today and I got logged out all of a sudden from it I think...


Lots of people having problems with transactions and everything, it is because of the maintenance. The whole system can be just dragging for about 48 hrs. after a maintenance. It is tough on the grid operations... everything has to rebuild/recompile in the system & it should clear up soon... unless the maintenance didn't go well. SL is a complex system...

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Thanks for the quick reply - was wondering why SL was dragging slower than a BBC computer!!

Agreed that SL is a complex area - just enjoying it hopefully from tomorrow when it cools down lol

Cheers for the heads up x

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