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Viewer 2 - Lighting & shadow, occlusion and DoF not working!

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I was exicted when i heard the new options for light & shadow, occlusion and dept of field were in the latest update.

But viewer 2 thinks my graphic card cant handle it, cause i need atleast openGL 3.0

Well dear Linden labs,  with the program OpenGL extension viewer it seems i even run OpenGL 4.0

I can run the newest games in super high modes!

What's up with seond life then?

My system spec:

Renderer: ATI Radeon HD 5570
Vendor: ATI Technologies Inc.
Memory: 512 MB
Version: 4.0.10750 Core Profile Forward-Compatible Context
Shading language version: 4.10  ( <---- openGL )

If the answer is that my card aint suporrted, thats kind of nonsens since i can run ANY OTHER game /program,  so my guess is the engine that is being used for second life on viewer 2 is just bad.

am i the only one having problems running the extra features while you KNOW your graphic card does ace in other applications?


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I started my SL using viewer 2 and i personally love it,  thats my choice.

I cant get used to the interface of phoenix,  I like my stuff being in a sidebar.  the easy way of making clothing sets.

Please I dont want to start a fire topic about viewer 2 sucks  I personaly love it and wont use anything else UNLESS it has the same User interface as viewer 2.

as concerning the answer about hardware skinning,


I LOVE YOU!!!!  that worked!!    :)

only crashed my sl, but hey, crahses im used too :)



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Oh nice, if I hadn't come across this topic I wouldn't even know that Viewer 2 has these features. I just got on the Firestorm viewer and turned out it had the same features, after I enabled those everything just looked so amazing! Well I don't know what would be the problem Martin, maybe there's something in your graphics card that can't support that. I'm running SL with a NVIDIA GeForce GT240 card and everything seems to be working smooth.

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