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Post your graphics settings comparisons here

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As you're getting into SL photography, it can be really useful to compare different graphics settings so you know how they'll affect the outcome of your shoot. Earlier, I did a help page on antialiasing showing why it matters to smooth jagged edges! This feature isn't turned on by default, even on high-end computers, so if you've got the power, switch it on.

Due to the curiosity in our advanced lighting and shadows finally being supported in the "main" SL Viewer after an enduring experimental tenure, our Documentation Team has also done a help page explaining lighting and shadows further.

I also did a comparison of our Graphics Preferences' shaders, showing how SL looks vastly different for someone who has no shaders on, compared to someone who has everything maxed out — a much more dynamic and nuanced world, visually speaking. Alas, antialiasing doesn't play well with the new shaders.

If you've done graphics settings comparisons, as I know some of you have included them in your tutorials and for fun, I'd love to see them! So, post them here!


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