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Blender 2.57+ Make sure you CTRL-A on your Mesh in Obj mode to ensure Face Normals are correct

Chodai Yoshikawa

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Hi all,

Just discovered this after many hours of frustration.  If you have been editing mesh in Blender , moving vertices, creating new ones and making faces with them you may observe in the edit mode that the Face normals can get wonky.  To clear this when you have finished editing the mesh before you export, in OBJ mode CTRL-A and apply LOC/ROT/SCALE to the mesh to make the face normals actually be at right angles to your faces.  (In EDIT mode -"N" to get the Properties and then Mesh Display -> Normals ->Face)

This can cause problems when uploading mesh if not corrected.  Some random things happen...for example a low poly L0/Phys mesh was uploaded and rezzed by itself fine. If it was uploaded as the L2/L1/L0 or Phys mesh of a more complex L3 model it showed up in the preview and world as lopsided and tilted. This may may have been because all the Face normals were biased toward one side.  Why it uploaded fine by itself is a mystery.

I hope you find this useful ^_^

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