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newbie free clothing???


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Check my blog entry on getting started:


Also my land in Isabel has a notecard giver that will give you a list of places to get good newbie items.

The PG outlset of my shop also has this same notecard giver, in Bay City Truro. Look for 'Zion Kitty PG Outlet'. I don't have many freebies there myself, but I do have a lot of info that will lead you to them.


Free Dove is one of the better free shops for new people. NCI is also very good.

Gnubie Store used to be, but went away some months ago (unless it back?).



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There is tons of free items on Marketplace.  Marketplace is not rezzed nor inworld.  Marketplace is right here on this website.  Point your mouse to shopping (not community), then the word Marketplace should appear.   Click on Marketplace, then look to the left of the Marketplace webpage and click open "see all categories", that will bring up your pricing menu where you can search items from 0 to 10 lindens. 

If you're not finding it, let me know 'cuz you are missing out on so much fun. 

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Lucindae wrote:

Sofar I found one shop, I wonder if there are more.

I would like to get as many outfits as I can before I am no newbie anymore.


So I would love to get some tips :-)\



Hi Lucindae!  If I may suggest, try Help People Island!  Here is link from the maps.  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Help%20People%20Island/128/128/0?img=http%3A%2F%2Fws.world-ng.agni.lindenlab.com%2Ftexture%2F22bf0ef4-0aba-ba5c-9da6-0a8f6a167eb5%2F128x96&title=Help+People+Island&msg=Volunteer+organization+devoted+to+helping+other+residents%2C+particularly+newcomers.+++Come+visit%2C+explore+a+beautiful+sim%2C+and+make+new+friends.


They have a nice free shop with clothes, hair, skin, accessories, and other stuff.  Plus, there are always great helpers there, ready to help you!  Dig?  Groovy!



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I've been going through the Marketpkace and I've found a lot of nice free and under 10 linden stuff. It's great to get a shopping cart full of items and pay zero lindens! It works out for the stores offering freebies because I like to buy more things afterward.

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I think the OP meant stuff for newbies under 30 days old. Please correct me if I'm wrong, Lucindae?

Freebies can be picked up anytime, but not the newbie gifts, if you go over the 30 days old.

I haven't made a new avatar in years, so I can be a bit rusty. But LAP used to give away a freebie AO, this is to replace the default "Duck walk" and rather clumsy stands.

Imagen has a free skin pack for newbies under 30 days old.. Search for Rack Brautigan and find the store from her picks, I remember having trouble finding it through search.

I think MiaSnow has a Under 30 days old skin too. MiaSnow Myriam.

Remember, I haven't been to any of these places in a long time!


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Get the free eyes for newbies at Poetic Colors while you can. There is a sign just outside the store. They also offer one free eye on a display inside the store, along the back wall, for anyone. But you can't get the free newbie eyes once you are too long in Second Life.

Find Heaven's Gate Neo and fly around until you find where all the skins are. They have a ton of free things for new residents. Skins, lots of skins. You can join their group and get more skins still. They have a few outfits for free also.

What kind of stuff do you like? That might help people remember other things.

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Hello There Lucindae!

Finally Someone i Could help with

The First 2 Replies were Right & a Good Tip, Well My Tip Is

If You cant Seem to Find the Right Place or Your Getting Tired of Searching I Can help you with it, I'm Used to Shopping & I Have Tons of Stuffs to give to you Especially Hairs, I Have Lots of High-Quality Items That i Can Show/Give you, I'll wait for your Answer :), I Have Some Landmarks Too for Freebie Shop InWorld, Just IM Me InWorld, I'll give you Tons of Items to Make you Look Gorgeous!

Wait I Havent Known yet, Are you a Boy or a girl?


LOL :)

xx Rose

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