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Can inventory be backed up?

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I'm sure this is has been asked and addressed many time on here but i'm fairly new and curious.


I'm pretty sure inventorys are stored at LL and backed up on there but can an inventory be backed up to HD?


I mainly ask this because if i'm spending money on SL it would be nice to know if I can back up things that way.


Appreciate any help on this, thanks.

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As far as your own creations are concerned there are viewers which can export your builds to a local disk as an XML-file. The textures can be "saved as", and scripts can be edited (and thus saved) via external editor.

Exporting bought objects might be a different thing though as it might be seen as copybotting. Afterall you might be able to reimport it under a different name and with different permissions and even under your name as creator! And you won't have a licence to export said things to different grids, which would be feasible with exported items.

So - in short - I don't think, you're allowed to make a backup copy of bought items to your local disk. That's where a redelivery-policy of the store kicks in ;-)





Edited due to typos

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