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Roleplay sims & SL8 birthday celebrations

Jo Yardley

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You probably have noticed that SL is celebrating its 8th birthday this week.

A large 21 region area has been filled with little parcels and plots where all sorts of people show their stuff.

So, I thought it would be nice to share slurls to Roleplay themed sims represented in the SL8 regions!


The 1920s Berlin Project has a little taster there for you to come and see a tiny bit of our sim.

Visit our night club and dance the charleston, go to the cinema and see that amazing 1927 Berlin film "Berlin: Die Sinfonie der Großstadt)" or see one of our typical poor cheap dirty damp tiny rooms our tenants live in ;)

You can find our little slice of the SL8 cake here;

And yes; there is NO avatar- or dresscode there :)


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Qwalyphi Korpov wrote:

Dat's a nice slice O-cake Jo.



We will have another relaxed dresscode day in Big Berlin soon so furries and tinies and everyone else (except the nazis, naked people and naked nazis) can have a look at the full region sim :)

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