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Abandoned Land Ticketing

Polenth Yue

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I'm trying to ticket more abandoned land in my area, but there's an issue... none of the land ticket options appear to exist anymore. It'll let me select them, but when I submit, I'm told land isn't a valid choice. Does anyone know how we're supposed to ticket old abandoned land now? Anyone had recent success at ticketing land?

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I've tried that one and a bunch of others from the land section... the problem appears to be the entire list of land options isn't accepted.


ETA: These are the categories tried so far...

Land/Parcel Issues
Linden Lab owner Parcel Issues
Other Land Issues
Land Auction Issues

All fail the same way, with this message: "Select a valid choice. land is not one of the available choices." and an empty selection box underneath.

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So you want to ask if the land can be set to you.  Any channel should do it region issues ect im sure that your ticket will be forwarded to the correct linden if your options are limited just fire some tickets off under what you can sure they will get looked at.

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Thanks for the replies everyone. Knowing it should work, I kept trying combinations. Seems the problem was I was trying to include a picture. I removed the picture and it went through. Odd, as I've sent pictures before and it was well within the size limit... but at least the ticket is in now.

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Trying to contact Linden Labs support is actually pretty difficult sometimes. I think they're trying to make it difficult to contact the support team, so they won't be bogged down by too many customer problems.

To file a case ticket, go to the main page of the website, then hover over the Help tab at the top right of your screen. (Hovering doesn't seem to work from the forums.)  Select Support. From the next page, if your're logged in as a Premium Member, you'll see a box to the right. Select Contact Support from the list there. That will take you to a page that says this:


Want faster support?

Most questions can be answered through the search field above!


Still can't find an answer?

If searching our self-service support options didn't solve your problem, then our technical support team may be able to help.

To create a new support request, please use the Submit a Support Case form or start a Live Chat. Support requests may take some time to be processed, but it may go faster if you describe your issue with greater detail.

If you've already submitted a case on the issue, you can update it in your support history.

Second Life Status


- Select the link that says Submit a Support Case form.  This will take you to the page that lets you submit a case ticket.

Now keep this page open while you open the Second Life grid, go to the land parcel in question & copy the address of the parcel into the case ticket form. Linden representatives can address your issue faster if you include the address of the land & explain your issue briefly & to the point. If you want to buy abandoned land, let them know if you own land bordering it, because that gives you a greater claim to the abandoned land.

Like any govenment worth its salt, the bureaucracy of Second Life can seem rather complated & Byzantine, so knowing the shortest path through it will make your journey much easier.

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