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Body and clothing textures failing to load

Quill Andel

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I have had this issue for a few days now. You know the one: you're a cloud.

I have scanned though a number of similar posts and followed the advice therein:


- Deleated cache and inv cache

- Manualy deleated the cache (from all viewers)

- Unistalled all veiwers and reinstalled just Pheonix

- Deleated all relevant files fro within AppData

- Gone to a barren area and lowered all graphics to minimum

- Removed any item that was loaded

- Inreased bandwidth to 8000kbps


Net result: still a cloud days later. With the ability to suck in 10mb/s via fiber optic I am a little perplexed at why a few textres cannot be loaded.


Any peeps in the know have any idea?



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Try the character test in the advanced menu

If that does not work I would try logging in with a different viewer...change shape, clothes everything and see if you load

Look and see if you have a item called Ruth Hair Fix and delete it is found

If this rez's you fully you should be safe to log and then come back using your preferred viewer

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Thank you for your responses.


I installed Veiwer 2, and whilst teh same problem and error messages occured, I was able to wear my skin and shape etc, however I was still a cloud. But then I jumped back to Pheonix and was able to successfully rebake the textures and appeared.



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