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Viewer 2.7 keeps resetting my Graphics Card at login?

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I keep having a Graphics Reset every time I try to log into the SL Viewer 2.7?  It resets my graphics card from 32-bit to 8-bit.  I have done a complete Cache clean and a complete uninstall & reinstall of the viewer does anyone know why this would happen?  I do not have this problem on the Phoenix Viewer.

I noticed a couple days after the update that the top half of my body was not rendering so I started clicking on things in the viewer and happened upon a setting that changed the graphic bits but now cannot find that area.  If any one knows of this could you please help I dont want to have to leave the Viewer and go to Phoenix permanantly.


And yes I have all my drivers updated running a True Color Graphics with a booster. All firewalls are shut off.

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