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Can't verify my age?


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Age verification often times does not work.


If you are premium you could try live chat,


or instead you can just account verify which will get you to most places anyways.


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I think your answer is here:


Age Verification Failed

The information that you provided did not match available public records. This can occur if your information has changed recently. If you moved or changed your name in the last 18 months, please try age verification again with your prior address or name.

Please also try using a different identity document. Many countries use multiple identity documents, for example, a passport, driver's license, or national ID card. Please make sure that you've selected the proper country name.

If you have tried several different identity documents and are still having difficulty, please help us identify the root cause by taking this survey. You may also verify your account by adding a payment method to your account. You can do so here.

If you are unable to add a payment method to your account, you may also age verify your account via a support ticket. To do so, please visit the support portal and click Submit a Ticket. The Manual Age Verification ticket type is under Special Questions, and then Account issues. If you wish to expedite the process, please attach a scan of your government-issued ID using the 'Attach a file' link on the ticket submission page.



I highlighted it in red.

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