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Dead Sexy - A club for all your fantasies

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Dead Sexy is a new night club that just opened a few days ago. It has dancing,a place to chill, dancing poles where you can keep eighty percent of the tips you get...lots of fun sexy toys for enjoyment. All walks of life are welcomed here all types of avatars furries, demons, dragons, elves, nekos, etc. Whatever it is you are and whatever it is you like to do. There is no discrimination. So if you are looking for a new place to hangout with your friends or take someone to fullfill all those second life fantasies you can do that at Dead Sexy. If you have a group that dosen't have a playground we are open to book a night for your group to come and play and interact with each other.


Any questions contact you can contact INWORLD

Damean Resident

Shaylee String

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