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SL8B Hero Walk - an event every day

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SL8B Events at
Prism Hero Walk:
Display by Ludo Merit

Each day's events will focus on one of the twelve steps of Joseph Campbell's hero journey - twelve days, twelve steps. Each day stands alone, so feel free to attend on those days which interest you most.

I have scheduled one event a day, but if at least three people want one I'll hold extra events when I'm online. Just IM me.

I have edited this message to include the times for all the events. The events are on the roof of the Hero Walk. The teleport sign is to the right of the door.

Mon., June 20 - Brown Day: (Done)

Tue., June 21 - Yellow Day: (Done)

Wed., June 22 - Gray Day: (done)

Thu., June 23 - Purple Day: (done)

Fri., June 24 - Red Day: 11 am

Red is the color of challenge.

You, the hero, face your first challenge in red. You must prove yourself worthy of the quest you have chosen.
People drawn to Red enjoy challenge. You want to win. You do well on tests. You keep trying to improve your performance.
How did you get your first job? Did you give up your idealism to fit in? If you married, how did you meet the challenges of married life? What are your strengths - how do you win?

How do you seek to prove your worth on SL and in RL? Do you compete by having possessions, by creating, by your wit in chat? What works and what doesn't?

Please join us to talk about your first encounter with SL magic, and how to become accepted in SL.

Sat., June 25 - Chartreuse Day: Noon

Chartreuse is the color of warning.

You, the hero, have set out on your quest. Things are starting to go wrong. You must persevere in spite of setbacks and warnings.
People drawn to Chartreuse deal well with setbacks and warnings. You can "keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you."
Please join us to talk about the warning signs we need to watch for in SL and about what keeps us going in spite of them.
Sun., June 26 - Black Day: 9 am

Black is the color of failure, loss, and rethinking priorities.

You, the hero have failed. You've lost something vitally important, and that hurts! You must search for what you've lost in the depths of hell. As you journey deeper you must make decisions and simplify, discarding everything non-essential.
People drawn to Black don't try to deny pain and loss. They are aware of the importance of setting true priorities. 
In SL, or RL, do you spend time on things that are ultimately important to your quest? How do you react to failure? How do you decide what's important, and how do you get yourself to do what's important?

Please join us to talk about priorities, and also about the pain we hear so much in group chat in SL, and what we can learn from it.

Mon., June 27 - Aqua Day: 11 am

Aqua is the color of triumph. It raises in our bodies the same endorphins that are raised by mastering a difficult task.

You, the hero, sail triumphantly home with your new-found treasures of wisdom.
People drawn to Aqua love that feeling of mastery and are not afraid to brag.
Many cultures discourage the joy of Aqua. We aren't supposed to brag. We aren't supposed to celebrate our successes. Should we embrace the joy of mastery nonetheless?

Please join us to talk about the joys and disadvantages of mastery. I will sing a song about it.

Tue., June 28 - Green Day: 1 pm

Green is the color of the elder.

The tribe welcomes you, the hero and gives you authority and responsibility. Elders lead and serve the tribe, protect the tribe's traditions, and pass those traditions on to their successors.

People who are drawn to Green feel a duty to their tribes. They want to help.
SL depends on the energy, creativity, and hard work of content creators and resident leaders. Such leaders are recognized and appreciated. However, as Kermit said, "It's not easy being green."

Please join us to talk about the joys and difficulties of being green in SL.
Wed., June 29 - Orange Day: 11 am

Orange is the color of the provocateur.

You, the hero, see that the tribe, and some of its laws, must change to survive. As an elder, you may have the power and the respect needed to persuade those who would oppose you.

People drawn to Orange know that sometimes it is necessary to rock the boat, from the inside. They are willing to stick their necks out.
What kinds of things do you think should be changed in SL? Can you understand why it might not be best to change them, or do you foresee a better SL if your changes are adopted? Why?

Please join us to discuss the dangers of being orange in SL and the need for provocateurs here.

Thu., June 30 - Violet Day: 1 pm

Violet is the color of the jester-fool. The jester teaches through wit. The fool teaches us where the pits are by falling into them.

You, the hero, are no longer concerned with your green dignity. You have exchanged your authority for freedom of speech. You can say anything, as long as it's funny.

People drawn to Violet take themselves lightly. They know that laughter can be the best teacher.
Please join us to discuss humor in SL, what it's good for and how it can be bad.  Whether you like it or not, you will hear GrannyZo Pinion. She's my comedy avatar. She wears purple with a red hat and is the age of my person behind keys.

Fri., July 1 - Blue Day: Noon

Blue is the color of centered love.

You, the hero, have finished your quest and have time to center yourself and find your balance. You are content to surf the waves of universal flow, letting them carry you where you, and your ability to love freely, are needed.
People drawn to Blue are happy to give themselves over to the dance. They accept themselves completely, and therefore they accept others completely.
Please join us to discuss the blue heroes of SL and how they add to the magic.             

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Sounds like quite an event. I'm drawn to the color purple and in particular to these questions:


  1. What am I doing here; and
  2. Who are all these other people.

What resident hasn't asked those questions after arriving at an infohub? I have been waiting for you Sensei.

<bows deeply>

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I'm sorry you missed Purple Day.  Your input would have helped. Now all the event times are here and I'm sending out copies of this message to all the groups I have notice powers in, but am still not getting much attendance.  The people who come tend to keep talking way overtime though, and that's a good sign.

Live colorfully! Ludo

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