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Conflict with a buyer I do not know how to react .... I need your help

ling Serenity

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I have a market place shop, and i sell many shape, clothes and fashion accesories...

But, my customeur send me many note card for ask me "where you buy this pants" or "where you buy this hair".... many many persone make that.... In spite of my shop's policy....


One day, a customer send me a im for ask me the name shop of a jacket.  I answers "please read my policy, i don't give my pics stylish card etc..." . The customer was very pissed of... and 2 hours after I receive other im, from this customer's friend.... she ask me the same qustion, and my anwer was the same: " I don't give my Stylish Card".

Then, after that, my market place pages was "Submerged" with bad review.... of course...


Now, I have purchased plenty of items from this store, and they are all pretty good, I like them, the price is decent, etc.

What I have a problem with is the customer service. The creator doesn't respond a lot of the times, ignores messages, and has a really bad attitude when dealing with her customers. When receiving compliments, which I have given her, she's all polite and happy, but as soon as I asked her a question about one of her products (wasn't being rude at all) she gets get all snippy and prude like and tells me "goodbye" without even attempting to answer my question.

Customer service matters.

 And she give me, of course 2 star for this item... and for all of items that she bought.

It's so crasy....


If i want yur help, it's because my personal policy it's "Satisfy the customer"... After this event, I decides to create a stylish blog, and I try to have a conversation with her... but she don't want have a conversation with me lol

I'm very anxious by this situation...

Abuse repport? mediator solution?

For you, What is the solution of this conflict?




(sorry for my very very bad english >.<)

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I can appreciate your position but the first and foremost point of quality customer service is to never make your customers feel like a nuisance.  I do everything I can to go out of the way for my customers which in large part is why I am still in business today after 5 years.

You may want to consider an alternate to getting information to your customers.  A prepared notecard with some images and the link to your marketplace store or a landmark is easy to do. You simply drag and drop the information into the notecard. You can even include gift objects or demos onto the notecard though few attach object to notecards but it can be done.

From what you had said in your post, I must agree that you do not come across friendly. That could just be a language problem but your wording is not what I would consider friendly.

Simply put, always go the extra mile and never, ever make a customer feel like they are an inconvenience. There really is no excuse for bad service, especially in light of the fact that this is just a game.

Serisouly, how much effort would have to go into passing a notecard.


See: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Merchants/It-s-called-customer-service/td-p/758661/highlight/true/page/2


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Hello ling

First of all, you need to fight for and keep every customer, specially if that person bought more items from you. And even more if its a picky or b...hy client lmao

A satisfied customer is the best advertise, and you just got some really bad one. Deal with that first, fix what you broke.. if I were you I would just buy that jacket or whatever item a person wanted, appologize  and gift it to her. If you can't make that, tell her SL ate that jacket and you don't remember the name, make something up, but never say "I don't wan't to give you that info".

Its a huge difference between "I don't give" and "I can't give"

I think all that person wanted is to have the same look. She liked the look you made! Thats a great thing:) And I don't understand why its hard to tell what items you used. Its a nice gesture to give credits to other merchants too:) 

So you can do 2 things: hire someone who can deal with your customers in the future, and explain them that they can't get stylish cards; or do a little more work, make stylish cards and ask for an extra fee if someone wants that info! 

Good luck!

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You can't do much about customers' attitude but you can change yours. First of all be polite. You have right to refuse however as it was already said you need to "sound nice". 

One thing I can't understand here. A Resident come to your shop and likes your creation. When she/he buys your product she/he becomes your customer. Yay!!!!! It is not easy to get customer. But you know... you need something more. You need satisfied customer. Why? Because satisified customer will come back and buy again or may mention your shop in a group chat or to friends or write excellent review at Marketplace or write about your creation on blog. You don't have any conflict - you have only good marketing. You need only one thing.. make a styling card or just say where this item is from. This is a solution for your "conflict". Why don't you do that?

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Yes, the most important thing that you can do as a merchant, is give the customer as much information as you can in notecards and other ways. Youtube videos are quick and easy too. This is important because as you grow, you will get more requests for help. Doing as much as you can to allow the customer to find the answers on their own can save you tons of time. Of course, there will always be customers that need help, or request help, and if you do take care of them, the rewards are ten fold. I quite enjoy my time with my customer when it does happen, but if it did happen more, I would probably not feel the same way.

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Hello Ling,

I am a fan of you. You make and sell cute and affordable stuff! I was reading your blog, and I can see that you added credits for skin, hair, clothes. This is great, now you can just write in your profile that people can find style details in the blog. Some people will still IM you, I am afraid there's some who never read profiles, never bother to look at information posted anywhere. It's just how life is, it can be annoying but the best is to smile and be polite.

See it as a compliment, your pictures and your style is good, people will look like you.

I went to the Marketplace, and I could not see many negative reviews, perhaps the angry customer changed them? You should not worry too much about it. One bad review out of many positive will not scare people away, especially since your prices are so low.


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Whatever you're selling is a lot more replaceable than a good reputation.

There's just no pleasing some people, but if you don't do your best, they basically win.

After you have elimninated every possible excuse for someone to complain, you probably just have to let it go.

Every merchant will inevitably be confronted with this problem at some point. When it happens, we can either choose to accept the invitation by one person to focus on what we cannot do, or we can continue to respect and value everyone else by continuing to focus on what we CAN do.

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Hello ling--I'm sorry that you have had this issue, as it can be very upsetting. I haven't seen your work, but you must be a good stylist to have so many requests for this information, and have very inspiring vendor ads.

I think you could use this to your advantage in future, and make it a part of your customer service. A style card could be included in each box, so that your customers can have help achieving the look they see on the vendor ad (which is really what they want to achieve). You could use this to form relationships with the other creators, and they could perhaps use your products with your name in their style cards. You would all be benefitting.

It sounds like you have the blog thing worked out well. I know many people don't like to hunt for information, but you can always direct customers to it.

Also, look at it another way...as an example, I make hatpins, and of course had to show them on hats in my ads. My customers sometimes asked for links to where to buy the hats, which I was happy to do, as they are lovely. But then I realised that it's better to make my own hats to my own design, and sell them next to the hatpins. It is the same in your business- your customers are telling you about a need, and you can fill it. Why don't you gradually widen your range so that you can display and sell more items designed by you. Create an entire look.

And in the meantime, I'd suggest repairing what damage you can with this customer, and then moving on. Don't get into any lengthy IM sessions, but do send her a polite notecard with the information she wanted, and an apology. Let her know that you are thankful for her criticism, as you are using that to improve your methods in future, and that you are glad that she has in fact helped you.

Best of luck, ling :)


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Awww! Thanks so much for  your  answers and your precious advice.


The customer send me a im, and a notecard for to apologize for his behavior.... I was so happy!!! :D

She removed her negative comments too.

You're right, I must to drag a note card in my box, and I will haven't problem in the future.


Thanks for all :)



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