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Cannot access SL from this computer?

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Hello Reagan. There are many reasons why you get that message. Usually this message appeared when your IP blocked or banned by LL. If so, you might to recieve a mail explaining why. Your account may also have been put on hold by mistake, or for an administrative reason -- maybe someone else has been using your account for phishing or other unauthorized purposes. In any case, the only people who can take your account off hold again are at LL.

Note that someone else in your household may be responsible for this activity, not necessariliy with your account. 

If you believe that this is an error, submit a support ticket via the support portal. To help customer support determine what block has been placed and why, include in the ticket your Second Life account name and any Second Life accounts that log in from your location. For more details you can check out the following link:


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Welcome to the wonderful, contrary world of LL........

This message is 9 times out of 10 because LL thinks you have been naughty in some way. Note that they frequently a) get this wrong and b) do not first of all send an email to establish your side of the situation or to see if their information is correct, but they simply ban you from accessing SL.

I had been on SL for a year and a half, kept my nose clean, enjoyed SL in line with LL's TOS, and rented not one, but two nice parcels and spent money freely and frequently.  You would think LL would appreciate such a regular, paying customer, wouldn't you?  Guess what? ...They don't.

 LL's total lack of appreciation of it's long term residents and their views is the stuff of many a google search and forum post.

However, to your problem.  Unless you are a premium member, LL offer no support whatsoever.  Good, huh? :matte-motes-crying:  Even if you are a premium member, customer support is not exactly...shall we say ...first class...

In my case, for example, I probably pay at least as much, if not more, money month by month to the bulging purse pockets of LL, than an average premium member.....but in the crazy world of LL, this counts for nothing, nothing whatsoever. Oh, they are quick enough to cash my RL money, but seem only to think that premium members spend money, and are therefore worthy of LL's polished customer service...:smileyvery-happy:

Anyways, so what did I do about my ban, I hear  you ask?  Well, at the time, Redzone (data-mining spyware dressed up as security for paranoid landowners and club owners. ..Read about it in google or many a SL blog) was running rampant in SL, and I happened to have a friend who had it, and she showed my  alts according to Redzone.  This was impressive, even more so as not a single one of the 6 were my alts!   Now, the snag with this is, no matter how well behaved I - or my genuine alt - is in SL, ALL it takes is one of those other 6 alts to be a griefer or copybotter, and bingo!....my IP address is banned by LL and I get the message of Doom, as you have done.

Fortunately, usually, an IP address ban is not permanent: in my case I eventually could log on a few days later.  However, all it takes is one of those 6 alts to do something really bad, and in theory I can be banned permanently whilst being totally innocent, because in the UK, lots of people go through the same IP address.

I suspect, your IP address ban has occured because of a similar situation, somone has been naughty and LL have banned that persons IP address along with whoever else uses it.   Give it a day and try to log in, then another day, et cetc. I suspect you should be able to get back in before too long. 

Oh, and try and guess if I received a nice email of apology from LL for this inconvenience and their own error?...I suspect you already know the answer. :matte-motes-angry:    

Of course, with the dynamic, motivating presence of Rod Humble at the helm, such silly LL errors and casual disregard for long term paying residents will be a thing of the past...coughs....:matte-motes-bashful-cute:

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Are you a premium member? if not, you are wasting your time sending emails, I'm afraid.

Secondly, do you have any alts? If so, have you been anywhere like shops or clubs with your media settings on? Sadly, SL still has data gathering spyware devices that process you avatar and any alts via your IP address IF you have media open in your viewer settings.  It is possible you have false positive alts - like I did - and have been judged and banned as a consequence.

I am perfectly happy to pay for a great virtual world, but the customer service and the grid performance needs a radical overhaul.  What HAS Rod been doing since his arrival, incidentally? Anyone know? 



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Now, the snag with this is, no matter how well behaved I - or my genuine alt - is in SL, ALL it takes is one of those other 6 alts to be a griefer or copybotter, and bingo!....my IP address is banned by LL and I get the message of Doom, as you have done.

LL are not and never were RedZone customers, so no worries there...


As to having media on and this resulting in LL identifying alts, LL do not need you to have media on to determine your IP; your IP and MAC are communicated to LL's server's as part of the log-in process.

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I just finished reading this thread and wanted to point out something that really annoyed me.  It's a little off topic but I just have to say it.  Two members here talked about spending money in SL and that they gave their money to LL and get no support.  Both members also admit to not being premium members.  Now, I'm going to concentrate on the one that said he rents land and he feels like he's paid as much to Linden Labs as a premium member has and should get the same support.  That isn't true at all.  If you're "renting" land from someone you're paying that person.  Now down the line that person is paying Linden Labs, but you're not the one paying Linden Labs...that premium member is paying Linden Labs.  Unless you specifically bought something directly from Linden Labs you haven't paid them a dime, you're paying the creators and land owners in SL.  So don't whine about paying money to LL and them not giving you support for it.


Now....on the flip side, it's true that LL should have better support.  However, I can't say that from my own experience because I've been a member for 7 years and haven't had any problems with them.



EDIT:  I also wanted to point out that if you're also referring to buying Linden Dollars from LL and you think that is also paying them you'd be wrong there too.  You may be paying them for the $L but down the line they end up paying someone else when they sell those $L.  Down the line they might have made about $1.25 from you for buying $L.

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