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V.3??? New Approach - That's F***n GREAT JOB!

Smoothie Perl

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Due some RL problems, from last summer I was somehow away from my SL.

During all this time, I just jumped in to check my land, my store and to see for a bit my few friends.

In most of my PC's are installed V.1.23, Phoenix, Impudence and OpenSim viewers and all those for the same reason, to check behavior of my build's and products.

Meanwhile, every time I tried V.2 the impression was the same...disappointment!!!!

Few days ago and while I was very busy at my office, I deside due a break, to check the last V.2 build.

....Then....a happy surprise waited for me!

I saw a different approach,

a customize toolbar...a logical separation of windows and activities...and a old "legacy" feeling.

I start to change my preference, the way I always do in every viewer... and after very short time I had the perfect setup!


....I need to say (and I feel I have this obligation after long time of complaining and whining!!!)

That's a Fr*uckin GREAT VIEWER!!!!

That's the viewer Second Life deserves!

To all those ppl at Linden Lab's I feel the need to say, GONGRATULATION!

You made GREAT JOB.

I think it's time for me to come back again and take some of the fun, that only SL can give to me in a internet 3D world.


P.S. I don't tried to create anything yet and also I don't know if a newbie can share my opinion but for me first impression is everything and in this build is the one that win's :matte-motes-grin:

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Angel Alphaville wrote:

I am sorry, I cannot help myself. I have to post another.

2011-12-13 13-02-33.jpg

"Glorious" indeed. Yep, definitely a "new approach".


Maybe by posting such graphic design ugliness, we embarass Mr Rod and he finally bothers to correct his enthusiasm to make statements. And hire a responsible DESIGNER with a whip in his/her hand to coordinate and have coders do the work they are supposed to do.

Coding is there to serve Design. End of story. This trainwreck of an "interface" is obviously thrown together by a bunch of  coders. They must not be very enthusiastic either, I have the suspicion that they are underpaid and forced to pick up the telephones at the sales and support department too.

As of users, we will use whatever piece of garbage is thrown to us, and be happy and have religious Opinions, like the good junkies we are. But not all of us you see. You have "Opinion",  I have screenshot. There you go then, another "glorious" one.

I'm not particularly happy with the way notifications work in 3.2 but I work around them. If you have problems with notifications popping up behind your menus, maybe you shouldn't, um, put menus where they will block the notifications? I park my menus on the right side but I've shortened them so they only take up to the bottom 2/3 of the window height.

If there's a hole in your roof that leaks rain down on your head when you're sitting in your favorite chair, sure - the landlord should fix it. But in the meantime it might be a good idea to MOVE THE CHAIR.

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