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Black Sun Pirates/ Sci-Fi RP


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Are you an interstellar pirate, smuggler or a marauder in general? The Black Sun wants YOU! The Black Sun Pirates, formerly a canon SWRP group is being rebirthed for broad/non canon or "grey" sci-fi RP. We will be operated in a myriad of sims, from Splintered Rock to Botany Bay to the new Betelgeuse 5 sim, as well as a horde of others.....a combat group, with flex on the type of combat system used, CCS will be used often. 

Combat training and organized tactical deployment is intended, with use of fighters and swoop bikes, both of which will be provided for use. 

Character creation will be very flexible, and can range from any sci-fi source- from Star Wars (non canon) to Star Trek, Doctor Who, Firefly,BSG,Dune, etc etc etc.  As mentioned this is a "Grey RP" meaning nearly anything goes within reason. I would like to bring in an element of old school swashbuckling, so the look of the pirate of yesteryear is favored.....tri corner hats are welcome :P

Interested parties can contact me in world for details. 

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