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How Can I TP to a Place Knowing Only the 3 Coordinates?

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Sanitrix, you already know which sim you want to go: Omega Point. SL sims aren't that huge, just a mere 256 x 256 meters. So just tp in anywhere and open you eyes and look around.

Or, when you open the worldmap and type in Omega point you click on different points in that sim. After clicking it shows the coords, so you just set the beacon close to it and TP.

Oh, you already know the coords? Even better, just walk or fly to that point. The upper menu bar, in good viewers there's always your coords being shown, so you just walk and see the numbers passing by and look if they are changing in the right direction. If not, just turn around and go back.

A sense of place isn't rocket science.

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Another way is this:


  1. Bring up the World Map (press Ctrl-M)
  2. On the right, there should be a place to type in a region name.  It should have your current region name already filled in.  Replace that with the region you're looking for.  In this case, type in Omega Point.  After that, press return or click the Find button.
  3. After searching for the region, it will show the list of found regions.  Below, that there's a place to enter the X, Y, and Z coordinates.  Type those in.
  4. You should be setup now.  Just click the Teleport button to go there.


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