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Can't add any billing information. Desperate for help!

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I've tried adding my paypal information but it keeps failing to work after I submit and agree the info, and it says they've experienced an unexpected error, please go back to the cashier and try again. Contact Second Life Support if this happens again.

Things to Know

1. I live in the US

2. My paypal is already verified

3. Using Mastercard

4. Recently deleted old credit card information

5. I've tried submitting the information several times for the past 3 days.


Is there a common reason why this might be happening to me? I prefer not to call in unless its my only option.

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Yes, despite the billing system maintenance supposedly resolved last wednesday, the whole thing is another LL shambles.  Who is responsible for this crock? Is there anyone at LL actually competent?

My card which I can use everywhere on the web, and have used for over 2 and half years on SL, will not process on the mysl lindex page.

Try and imagine any other company - be it  online or RL - making such a incompetent mess, and making it seemingly  impossible to give them money for their product?!?!?  Well, it wouldn't happen.  Simple as.

Sort it, Rod.  So far, so bad.  Finger out time, mate. FIX things that are broke, and STOP breaking things that have been fine for years!!!!!

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i had the same issue with LL, i turned to a third party site, and havent looke back since, if you look in the knowledge base u will find a list of 3rd party approved by LL sites, i did, and i couldnt be happier, now, they take a euro from me for their services, i guess, but it suits me fine, im happy, i have been using them for a year now, with no issues..

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Oh, I would advise you to call in and scream. I've asked that my case be escalated.  Seems like when they updated their billing website last week a few people have been having problems adding payment methods, ect ect to their accounts.  Well since it's only a "few" people and does not effect the community as a whole LL has decided to make those of us who have been effected fill out bug reports and hope we go away.

I've asked that their billing department add my payment information to my account manually and they say they can't do that.Say what??? A billing department that can't add a credit card to an account? Pfft...........hogwash!  I have to wonder about a business such as that.

So in the meantime, here I go on day 3 and I still can't use my credit card to pay any of my in world bills and from what I can tell nothing is being done. Nothing. Do I wanna stay in this game? After 2 yrs that's a decision I have to make.

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Rest assured, it is considerably more than a 'few; people.  If LL had a responsible CEO, those billing people who are 'unable' to add your card and sort your problem out would be fired.

In my case, much as I love my two parcels, I am perfectly willing to let them go, now.  If a company cannot even manage their billing to earn their own wages, what does that tell you about their attitude to their product?  Worse, what does that tell you about their attitude to their customers?

It will give me greater pleasure to stop giving these clowns my money, as many of my older friends are doing in increasing numbers.

But, is Rod listening? 

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