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MONDAY @ Willowdale High School

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9am-10am SLT History & Exploration of SL (Pascale Soulstar)
2pm-3pm SLT Astronomy (Oran Nyoki)
3pm-4pm SLT Geometry (Warryn Aries)
4pm-5pm SLT Roleplay 101 (Darlinglittledarla)
5pm-6pm SLT US Government (YouEvilCherry)
6pm-7pm SLT Advanced Spanish Conversation (Paola Trizomu)
7pm-8pm SLT Monday Night Lights Football (Im Guardian)
8pm-9pm SLT Life Management Advanced (Lisa Cheren)


WHS Paintball Team! Contact djtommy Criss. SpLaT GOT YA

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