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Win Free DJ Classes @ Premiere DJ Academy Christmas BASH! 12/12/11

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Stop into Premiere DJ Academy on America Latina on Monday 12/12/11


Party starts at 11am-1am the next day. We have Live DJs all day long, Ganjo Mokeev live Singing and Giveaways and Prizes all day long.

Some of SL's top DJs and Performers


DJ Psilocybin Rain

DJ Rainne Lionheart

DJ Xilion Iceberg

DJ Forever Vyper

Live Singer Ganjo Mokeev

DJ Loki Kahanamoku

DJ Essy


and more.




2 DJ Classes - Always wanted to learn how to DJ? Nows your chance to win one of two free classes.

1 Host Class - Have a friend that you would like to bring on as your personal host? give them the skills!

1 DJ Manager Class - Want to know all about the equipment, how to handle scheduling, staffing, marketing, auditions, and applications for DJs to help make your club run like a well oiled machine?

1 Advanced DJ Class - Know SAM Broadcaster but want to master the program? Learn about Dual DJing, Running a Radio Station, or even Beat Matching in SAM? It's all possible with the private advanced lesson valued at 2400L

1 Sound Drop or Business Advertisement mp3 - Want an mp3 to give your club staff to play that promotes the shops? Or want a mid set jingle to help bring professionalism to your DJ persona?


Do not miss it. No purchase required. Come enjoy some of our Staff, Former students and some of the best entertainment DJs in SL.







Also feel free to check out all of the amazing things Premiere DJ Academy has to offer. The Premiere Approach to DJ Education


Classes in SAM Broadcaster Basic and Advanced

Classes in Virtual DJ Basic and Advanced

Classes in Nicecast with Itunes

Host Training

DJ Manager Training

DJ Intros by Rosalie Difference

Tip Jars by Xtreme Tip Jars

Streams by Jwild Audio

Dances by Akeyo

Club Equipment by Pixel light Studios & Artizan Creations





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