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Thaught billing thing was resolved but...

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are there still others who have got problems buying lindens?

I updated my billing informations and got no problem with it. Yesterday I could buy Lindens and everything was ok. But since a few hours every attend to buy lindens didnt work. Inworld I get a "ty for your payment"-info, but then it was told to me per email, that the purchase wasnt successful.


I ve gotten christmas money, and I ve got deffinetly money on my rl bank-account. But it doesnt work to buy lindens. Nether inworld or on my webside account.

Dont they want my cash? Ok, then I keep it.

But its wiered.


Are there still problems with it?


Huge hugs


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I'm not sure if I should be happy because I'm not the odd one having this issue or be perplexed that several complains (including mine!) being posted in the forums, no one who works "here" has alerted someone who works "there" that mothership is having a problem. I've sent three tickets and basically the reply I get can be summarised into layman's terms as below:

"Hi, someone already told you on the last 2 tickets what you should do, why haven't you listened to them?" (I replied "I DID", they just went quiet)

"Hi, the other case number you referred to... I know what that is, but ...it is NOT my department's problem and it is not within my job's descriptions that I should be obligated to find out what is happening with it... Why don't you just figure it out yourself?"

"Hi, just go away already!"

I think it will be a real shame to the first line team if every single billing issues has to be solved by Calling them or by alerting the CEO. Imagine a hospital with all its ER staff with work policy like this? You'll probably get a better service seeing your local neighbourhood's Sensei.


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I can't add a payment method to my account and from the customer service response I have gotten they simply don't seem to care.  They keep saying it's a bug and to fill out a bug report yet no one ever works on those bug reports. I've asked that their billing department add my payment method to my account and they swear they can't do that.  A billing department that cannot add a payment method to a person's account? What are they in the dark ages? This is day 3 and still nothing has been done. I've gotta wonder if I still want to stay in this game at this point.

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