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What are the rules for Strip Greedy

Aurelia Lionheart

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There's two easy ways I can think of doing this.

'Long' games, where the lowest scorer removes a piece of clothing after a full round (to 10,000pts). Would take a while, though.

'Short' games, where the lowest scorer removes a piece of clothing after the leader reaches a 'milestone'. i.e., The last person to break out of the 1000pt barrier (-1 piece), the first person reaches 3000pts (-1 piece for the current low-scorer), and so on. You could run out of clothes as fast or as slowly as you liked, at this speed.

Another option would be 'bizarre' games where the stripping isn't directly tied to the overall score. Options for rules in these types of games could include (but in are in no-way limited to):-

-1 piece every time you can only pick '5s' to keep going during your turn.

-1 piece of an opponents clothing when YOU break-out of the 1000pt barrier.

-1 piece of every opponents clothing when the first person breaks out of the 1000pt barrier.

-1 piece every time you're too greedy, and get nothing from a round

-2 pieces every time you get reset to 0.

...And more! Just go nuts. You can be pretty creative with Greedy.

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What we have come up with is this:

>> No 1000 point barrier

>> Strip an article when you bust on a turn

>> When someone wins the game, all losers remove a piece

First we tried the 1000 point barrier with and without stripping until you make the table. It took much of the fun out of the game. The game starts slow because people are careful at first without the barrier, but then it ramps up because people are naturally competetive. Also, if you are risque enough, have the owner collect notecards from each of the players placing a bid or wagers that they are willing to offer of themselves. Can be as XXX or PG-13 as you want. Put the notecards in the prize server and the winner of each game gets a random prize notecard!

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