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Looking to hire a mesh creator for a few small projects =)

Gabrielle Gregory

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Hello there :)  I design clothing in the childrens community, and I was hoping to be able to find a capable creator to work with me on a few basic mesh items to start with, and possibly something a little more long term as mesh becomes more popular.  I'm working on learning all of this but my skill level is painfully substandard, and I depend on quality for my creations. 


It will be impossible for me to consider using any adult mesh items as sizing, shaping etc will play a very important factor on child avatars.  


If you're interested in making a few simple mesh clothing items geared toward a child avatar, please notecard me in world.  My group inviter unfortunately spams my IMs and I am often capped, but I will receive a notecard.  


-Gabrielle Gregory

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