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Vendors Needed - Urban Flower Lounge and Shopping Center

Flirt Wonder

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Brand new Shopping center.  We're looking for vendors (apparel, photo studio, gadgets, etc.)  

Stylish and Chic look

There is a Lounge and Bar with games on premises.  

5 Shops to choose from

Starting Price, 500L/week (100 prims) 20x20 structure (Keep prims below 60 each week and get 10% off rent)

Move-in special - Buy 3 weeks, get 1 week FREE




Contact me inworld if interested, or drop by and read the notecard in rental box.

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,,,Rate seems kind of high for place without a history of high traffic... I get a small ammount of shop space in a fairly popular sandbox for just L$25 a week, or 100 a month... Granted this is a good deal, but average would be about L$60 a week for a vendor space.

I think you might want to consider lower prices untill you are more established... Especially when using the masrketplace is practically free.


Mind you this is just my personal oppinion

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