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TUESDAY @ Willowdale High School

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10am-11am SLT  Creative Writing (Sweaty Badger)
11am-12noon SLT Health & Nutrition (Winter Azarov)
3pm-4pm SLT Geometry (Warryn Aries)
4pm-5pm SLT Equestrian Training (Meldina Ashbourne)
5pm-6pm SLT Music (Fantasia Monday)
6pm-7pm SLT Sex Ed (Kiyokomari)
7pm-8pm SLT Building & Design (Chucci Bigbear)
8pm-9pm SLT Urban Legends (Lisa Cheren)
10pm-11pm SLT Algebra 1 (Amanda432 Cheviot)

WHS Paintball Team! Contact djtommy Criss. SpLaT GOT YA


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